(P) 16. Presentation Tools

Presentation tools allow teachers and students to share information in a creative, interactive way. Presentation tools can keep students engaged and allow teachers to take students higher and deeper into the content through enrichment links and embedded multi-media. Many presentation tools would also work well for digital storytelling.

-create high quality music videos of your photos. The slideshow responds to the beat of the music, resulting in a very effective presentation. Can also be used to create documentaries, digital storytelling, biographies and more.


Voice Thread- a collaborative, multi0media slideshow that can contain images, video clips and documents. Visitors can view and comment in five different ways- text, voice (mic or telephone), audio file, or video.

EDU Glogster
Interacitve posters with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more.Click here to learn more.

Word Clouds-
word clouds are a fun way to show words where the most important ones are bigger than others.This can be an effective writing tool, visually showing students the main idea or words most often used. Tip: To keep words together, add a tilda (~) between them. For instance, Harry~Potter.

Tagxedo Same as Wordle but with more features. Tagxedo also allows you to keep words together using a tilda (~) See 101 Ways to Use Tagxedo for ideas.
Hands On Activity
Look at 2 Presentation Tools in Depth. In your reflection, write about how you might use these tools in your classroom to enhance instruction or learning.

Extra Resources

Xtranormal- Create your own animated video by typing a script, choosing characters and a background, and adding camera angles and sound effects. For students and adults 13 years and older. At the primary level, you could create an animated video to introduce a concept or unit, model appropriate social behavior, etc.

Prezi- a presentation tool with a map layout and zooming features that keep the audience engaged. Videos, links and images can be embedded into the presentations.

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