(M) 13. Apps for iPad

What's an App?
App is short for "application", Google "Apps" refers to the applications available in their suite, such as google site. "Apps" can also refer to applications that can be loaded onto devices such as the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. These "apps" can be for entertainment, collaboration, organization, education and so much more. The tricky part is finding the app that's right for you and your needs. With over 100,000 apps available for smart devices such as the iPod Touch and iPad, chances are good that "there's an app for that".

Due to the recent deployment of iPads throughout the school, we will focus on apps for iPad.

How to set up the iPad


"Do iPads make a difference in the elementary classroom?" I believe iPad integration is no different than integrating laptops, or pencils, for that matter.  It is not the tool that transforms the classroom, it is how it is used. We are not purchasing iPads, we are purchasing access to really amazing educational resources.

"Is it a lot of work to integrate iPads?" I would say it depends on what level of Bloom's Taxonomy you are aiming for. If you want children to create creative, thoughtful, meaningful, purposeful work, than yes. It will take thoughtful, meaningful, purposeful planning. But then, isn't that true of anything you do in the classroom that requires this kind of focus? If you are looking for apps that support academic learning, such as math practice apps, story starter apps, etc. than no, the only time invested is aligning the app to your curriculum. I believe you will find differentiated instruction to be much easier with the integration of iPad apps into the classroom.

"Where can I get support?" Sally and I are available as much as two full-time teachers can be.  Tune in to our "Appy Hour". Feel free to contact other TTLs in the district. Support can also be found through personal learning networks such as your team or other teachers in the building. My own PLN includes a community of professionals on Twitter and a host of blogs. See "Additional Resources" for more ideas.

Additional Resources

Resources from the Auburn's iPad Conference http://institute2011.auburnschl.edu/Institute_Resources.html
Apple Webcasts lhttp://www.apple.com/education/tuneinseries/index.html
10 great math apps for elementary http://www.noodle.org/noodlings/k-12/10-great-math-apps-elementary-schoolers


http://cybraryman.com/qrcodes.html **

http://snap.vu/ (**)