The Comedy Stylings of marsht9

Hello from Winnipeg. As of July 2011, I have three MONSTER youtube hits:

  1.  Grow a Muzzy    a song I wrote for the MOVEMBER campaign.
  2.  The WHMIS Warble  a song I wrote about The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.
  3.  The HAZCOM Song a song I wrote about OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
  4.  Won't Start Texting a song I wrote about distracted driving
The WHMIS Warble and HAZCOM Song were featured in The USA Today Newspaper (WOW !)  on March 1.2011. The link is
They have also been featured on other blogs and newsletters including

The Canadian Safety Blog (2 articles):  and
The OSHA Healthcare Blog 
The National Marker Blog
The Groundforce Training Blog
PaintSquare News
Environmental NewsBits 
Safety Emporium
Safety Xchange
Facility Management
Emergency Response and Planning News
PostDocs Forum
Lowering the Bar Legal Journal
Safety Services Company News
Induron Coatings Blog
ChemicalProcessing Magazine


The Won't Start Texting Song is featured in the ZoomSafer Blog  and in the 
Be Car Chic Blog

There are also mp3 audio files (and lyrics) of the songs available in the mp3s sidebar link. The songs have had airplay on The FUMP Sideshow.

On my youtube channel you will find other videos I have done including an audition for Discovery Channel Canada. My youtube channel is

I have also performed at Rumors Comedy Club in Winnipeg, at the prestigious Gimli Hotel, Winter Club and assorted other venues. I have also
done background acting and was in The Don Cherry Story (yep! I shook his hand- thumbs up!) . Faces in the Crowd (Milla Jovavich and I are like this),
Men With Brooms, The Hessen Affair and The Elijah Harper Story.

I have also led icebreaker and teambuilding exercises at international and local conferences. A sample icebreaker booklet that you can
download for free (just for reading this much about me (-;) is right HERE

If you want me to write a song for your business, conference, special event, birthday, yada yada yada, emcee your event, lead your group in icebreakers and/or make you laugh, email me now !

Cheers, Marsh