Donations   &  Wish List

The Marsh Sanctuary survives and flourishes because of the kindess and support of donors like you.

Tax-deductible donations to the Marsh Sanctuary should be sent to:






Marsh Sanctuary

114 South Bedford Road

Mount Kisco, NY  10549







Checks should be made out to "Marsh Sanctuary Inc."

For securities donations or questions, call Charles McDuffie, Treasurer, at (914) 234-3124 .

If you would like us to add your name to our annual mailing list or to find out more about our plans for the Marsh Sanctuary and future projects - please send an e-mail at  .

For donations of hardware, supplies, or heavy equipment, please call Christian Pace at (914) 241-2808 or you can e-mail , at the above -email address.

 Here is a short list of some items  and services we could use:

Fencing (plastic or metal) to create deer exclosures

Wood - Logs, dimensional lumber for  construction, rought cut lumber for accent projects like benches and signs, even wood for heating

Plant material - trees, shrub, perennials for the gardens

Solar path lights and spots

Garden and landscaping tools - including power tools, chainsaws, mowers, trimmers

Bookcases - for future nature center

Printing services for maps and event guides

Fasteners - screws, nails, bolts, wire and cable ties, etc.

Rocks, stone, soil, mulch, chip for gardens, walls,  and landscaping

Solar panels and other balance of system items for renewable energy systems

Pipe - for various projects including irrigation, bird boxes, sign mounts

Web design services

Map making services

Call if you have something or some skill you think we could use.    Thanks!