The Marsh Memorial Sanctuary

Protecting lands and wildlife, serving the Mount Kisco community for over 40 years. 

The Marsh Sanctuary is a 156-acre nature preserve, open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. Several hiking trails are maintained on the property and connect to trails in Leonard Park and other local preserves.
Three parking areas provide access to the trail system and the gardens / amphitheater at Brookside. 
Click to see a bigger version of the trail map.
The Marsh Sanctuary is partnering with InterGenerate to create a community garden on the Sanctuary property.   The garden will be the focus of our common objectives;  teaching people how to enjoy the outdoor environment, live sustainably, and improve how we do those things by sharing our experiences and knowledge.  To coincide with the community garden, InterGenerate and Marsh are planning to renovate the stable & attached house for a demonstration kitchen, nature center, library, and meeting rooms.   Check out Intergenerate's homepage and and click on "News" for more info and developments.  We can't wait!  
Look for our newest improvements in the "New Work Photos" section,  and check out our plan for the Marsh Sanctuary's future on the "Master Plan" page (links below).  Also if you are looking to spice up your wardrobe, have a look at our new Marsh Sanctuary Stuff page with several options for embroidered Marsh Sanctuary gear.
In the last months, we have had a few events which were open to the public, including poetry, music, and trail cleanups.   This Fall, we have a few more special days of community events at the Sanctuary, including a slideshow with a local author and some live music.  Our Fall Festival was once again a success with 4 live bands and lots of great food.  If you would like to schedule something for 2010, just send  me an e-mail with a few details.   Check the "Upcoming and Past Events" page for photos of past events such as the Fall Festivals, slideshows, and poetry readings.
To learn more about the staff of the Marsh Sanctuary, visit our  STAFF page.
We have some great garden art work on loan from a local metalsmith friend of ours, Brett Baumann - check it out on our Art on Diplay page.  Brett was nice enough to lend us two tall plantstands and two shorter flower pot holders for our "Rhapsody in Bloom" garden tour event (July 2009).   Each one was handmade using centuries-old smithing techniques.
We are so excited - planting has started all over the Sanctuary, we have TONS of specimens coming in this year to improve the Sanctuary's gardens and restore native trees and shrubs to the landscape.  In 2009, we planted  approximately 730 new trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers all over the property.   Of course, we could not have done all that work without the help of our local scouts.  Thanks go out to Mount Kisco Boy Scout Troop #1 and Girl Scout Troop #3003.  
If you have an interest in gardening, reforestation, or if you have a Scout Troop looking for a "green" merit badge and would like to help with the planting, please give us a call at (914) 241-2808. 
Our new trailhead kiosk at the Field Parking area is in really great shape. 
It has maps in the new bin section (open in the photo at left), we now have a big map in the display, and a sign-in logbook in the upper bin.  
Thanks to the Boy Scouts of Mount Kisco         (Troop #1)  for assisting with our new kiosk in the Field Parking area and with planting hundreds of trees and shrubs this Spring (2009).
Our annual fundraiser mailing takes place in the late fall, please e-mail us if you would like to be added to the mailing list.  If you would like to make a donation by mail, click here for info.
A visit by Patrick L. Cooney, Ph.D. on May 15, 2008 is summarized on the NY/NJ/CT Botany Online website and his plant list for the Marsh Sanctuary is posted.  We are very grateful for his expertise in identifying so many of our living plant specimens. 

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