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Marsh Grammar School PTO - Fundraising Opportunities

The Marsh Grammar School PTO is proud to serve the students and families of the Marsh Grammar School.  Each year, the PTO supports 10 family and student events, provides over $20,000 in funding to various student and teacher programs, and issues scholarships.  None of this would be possible without the participation of the parents, staff and local businesses.

There are easy ways for YOU to make a difference and contribute:

Box Tops for Education

These pink 10 cent boxes add up!!   Last school year, the Marsh earned $4,222.73 in box tops and we contributed to the new playground.  Box Tops are collected by your child’s homeroom teachers.  Lower School homeroom teachers with the most box tops win a pizza party at the end of the year.  The Upper School, grades 5-8, have an incentive for submitting Box Tops … chances to win iTunes gift cards! 

 The Box Tops for Education website offers even more!!

  • Monthly Sweepstakes to earn 150-5000 bonus box tops.  It’s easy to enter every day and easy money for our school!
  • Great grocery coupons are available on this website to save you more at the grocery store.
  • The ability to access online stores … and your online purchases can earn 1%-5% for the Marsh!
  • You can also find recipes, and so much more!

Target “Redcard” credit card

If you have a Target “Redcard” credit card, please register your card to benefit the Marsh Grammar School.  Their “take charge of education” program is simple.  Use your card as you normally do and a percentage of your purchases will go towards the Marsh.  This year, purchases made on your Target “Red” cards earned the Marsh $1,252.78!  To date only 74 cards are registered to the Marsh Grammar School.   Register today – it’s so easy!

 Simply visit the Target Website, Along the top bar select “Redcards”.  On the bottom, under Company Information, select “Take charge of education”.  Finally, select “enroll” to register your card for the Marsh, school id 114268.  Aunts, Uncles & Grandparents can also participate!

 Fall Fundraiser

Thank you to all who participated last year.  Hundreds of orders were made and several donations were received.  This enthusiasm is what makes the Marsh so special.  We are proud to announce a 2010-2011 profit of $13,506.12! The 2011 Fall Fundraiser will be sent home with your child at the beginning of school.

 Labels for Education  

Although not run by the Marsh PTO, we support the effort in collecting “Labels for Education” to improve our school library. Send in labels from any Campbell or other participating brand and send into your child’s homeroom.  You can visit for more information and coupons.

 Verizon & other Companies with “Matching” programs

Verizon is just one company who offers an employee volunteer program.  For hours volunteered, Verizon matches the in the form of a check to the school!!  Steve Stewart, Marsh parent has participated and donated $750 each year!   Do you work with a company that offers this type of program???

 If you have any suggestions or new fundraising ideas, we would love to hear them!!  Please contact any member of the Marsh PTO Board.  See our website for contact information