Summer Camp

Registration is now open for the Mars Hill Novice Summer Camp!  (for students ages 12-18 as of January 1, 2016).  Forensics, also referred to as speech and debate, is an amazing way to prepare students for college, career, and to engage the world around them.  Mars Hill Speech and Debate Club's vision is to encourage and equip home-educated students through speech and debate to become effective communicators of the truth, defenders of the faith, and a transforming influence on our culture.

Attending any course category at this novice camp does NOT mean the student will be required to join Mars Hill Speech and Debate Club OR compete in that category in the fall.  Rather, the camp is designed to give students an introduction to and whet their appetites for competitive speech and debate.

So that your students can make the most informed and educated decision about the events in which they will be best suited to compete this fall, we strongly suggest they attend all three courses (Competitive Speech, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Team Policy Debate).  For example, many students prefer one type of debate over the other but won't know which type they want to start with until they experience both. 

However, students may still choose to attend only one or two of the courses offered if that is a better fit for this year.  For example, a student may want to start with speech his or her first year, and then add debate the second year.  It is up to each family to decide which courses best for that student. 

Here's a helpful breakdown of what's scheduled to be covered during Summer Camp, Aug. 10-14:

Speech Camp:
Monday —    Introductions, discussion on Apologetics speaking, writing an Apologetics card, discussion on Extemporaneous speaking, and discussion on Mars Hill Impromptu.
Tuesday — Discussion on Persuasive speaking, Impromptu speaking exercise, discussion on Original Oratory, discussion on Expository speaking.
Wednesday — Discussion on Humorous Interpretation, discussion on Dramatic Interpretation, acting exercise, discussion on Duo Interpretation.
Thursday — Discussion on Motivational speaking, discussion on Monologue, Monologue exercise.
Friday — What to expect from speech competition, how to choose a speech subject, script submission.

Debate Camp:
Monday (LD) — The Resolutions (topic analysis), round structure., case structure.
Tuesday (LD) — Building a case, how to flow, running a round.
Wednesday (TP) — The Resolution (topic analysis), round structure, case structure.
Thursday (TP) — How to research, how to debate without evidence, stock issues and disadvantages, how to flow.
Friday (TP) — Roles of both teams, what makes or breaks a team (how to be a good team), running a round.

To register for camp, click here.