Members ONLY

This area is for member's only. Once members are signed into Google, 4 sub-tabs become visible when hovering over the members only tab.
  • If you are a member and are unable to access these pages, you may need to sign into Google. Follow these steps.
  • 1. Create an account with Google.

  • 2. If the email is different from the email provided on your registration form, then email the new email to We will then add the new one to the privileges list for access to the private website pages.

  • 3. Once given privileges, you should be able to view the sub-pages if you are signed in to Google.

  • 4. If you know that you are signed into Google but are still having difficulty, then  click on the  "sign in" at the bottom of the HOME page. Once you do this, you should then be able to see all sub-pages under the Member Only tab. (Do not click on members only, but hover over it to see sub-pages.)