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Mars Hill Speech & Debate Club

10215 N. Saguaro Blvd., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Mars Hill Speech and Debate's vision is to encourage and equip home-educated students through speech and debate to become effective communicators of the truth, defenders of the faith, and a transforming influence on our culture. We are a parent-run, non-profit organization which meets on Monday evenings from August through April.

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2017-2018 Registration

Payments made in full by August 28, 2017 receive a 5% discount.  Payments may be split in two:  50% due by August 28, 2017 and the remainder due October 30, 2017All fees are non-refundable by August 28, 2017.  Payments may be made by check, cash or PayPal.  Please make checks payable to Mars Hill Speech and Debate Club.  PayPal payments require a 3% surcharge to cover PayPal’s fees.


Student Annual Membership Fees

  • 1st Student - $200
  • 2nd Student - $150
  • 3+ Student - $100

  • Juniors $100 - (Those students 8 – 12) If your child is less than 12 years old on 10/1/17 they are considered a Junior student.

         Juniors meet every other Monday evening.  Juniors are taught all basics of speech in the main categories offered by STOA.  Mars Hill offers 2 Jr. tournaments                 each year with other opportunities to compete across the nation.  Students build lifelong learning skills as well as Christian friendships that can last a lifetime. 

Stoa Membership Fees

Our insurance requires all members of Mars Hill to also be members of Stoa USA, our national affiliate. Visit the Stoa website directly for further fee information and to register.  You must provide a printed receipt to our Mars Hill Registrar by the end of August.


Just as iron sharpens iron, we believe that participating in competitive tournaments propels students to excel in their speaking abilities. Tournaments are where parents see the vision for speech & debate come to life and students become excited about the fruits of their labors.  Knowing this, we highly recommend students participate in tournaments, and require students to compete in at least two during the season.  Along with our club and the Tucson club, Kairos, there may be 3 Arizona tournaments in the year.

  • Coyote Kick-Off (Kairos) – TBD
  • Cactus Clash (MHSD) - November 17-18, 2017
  • Camelback Classic (MHSD) – March 15-17, 2018

There are numerous tournaments to choose from throughout the season. The Stoa website calendar provides information on all tournaments in the United States. We strongly encourage at least one out of state tournament as well.


This is a team activity, and students are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that reflects well on MHSD at all times.  Student members agree to observe the following rules:

  1. Behavior - Students shall engage only in God-honoring behavior and activities at all times, including team meetings, club social events, and tournaments. Students will treat all meeting facility, club and personal property with respect.
  2. Dress - Students shall dress in a modest, appropriate manner at all club events and tournaments.
  3. Language - Students shall use language conducive to proper public speaking decorum. Profanity is strictly prohibited.
  4. Attendance - Students are expected to attend club meetings and arrive on time accompanied by their parent(s) or an adult chaperone approved by their parent(s). Students shall complete all assignments and tasks given to them by their coaches by the assigned due date.
  5. Partner Committments - Students will honor all commitments to their speech & debate partners. Team Policy (TP), Parli, and Duo Interpretation students should create and sign a partnership agreement that specifies the level of commitment to such things as practice, case writing and tournament attendance, including whether or not they intend to go to nationals if they qualify. This is highly recommended to prevent partnership conflicts during the season.
  6. Club Communication - Students shall keep apprised of all club meetings, activities and developments by regularly checking their email. Students should promptly answer all emails where a response is requested.
  7. Electronic Devices - During club time, students must focus on the speech and debate activities that have been prepared for that meeting. No texting, Facebook, Twitter, computer games or other electronic distractions will be permitted during club meetings.


This is a parent led club, so it is essential to have active involvement from each student’s parents.  The following outlines the club’s expectations of parents:

  1. Club Attendance - At least one parent will attend all club meetings, practices or events in which their student is participating.
  2. Parent Volunteer Roles/Responsibilities - In addition, a Parent must serve in the following roles:
    • Parent Coach - They will serve as a parent coach/judge during that portion of club meetings in which they have a student participating – speech, debate or both. Mars Hill will help equip you for this role so please do not be intimidated.  All parents have valuable feedback to give to the students.
    • Tournament Volunteer - They will serve at each tournament hosted by our club in a capacity that will be coordinated with them by the tournament director. Tournaments are very exciting for the students but do take many volunteers to ensure a successful event.  We so appreciate and need your help.
    • At Home Assistance - Parents are expected to work with their student(s) at home on their speech & debate preparations and assignments. This is very important to help your child succeed, especially for novices.
    • Student Conduct Issues - In the unlikely event that the Student Code of Conduct is violated, parents agree to work with their student(s), the Mars Hill coaches and/or the Mars Hill Board of Directors to rectify the situation so that their student can remain in good standing with the club. If the situation cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the Mars Hill Board of Directors, in their sole discretion, the student’s club membership will be terminated and the parent(s) will hold the Mars Hill Board of Directors harmless in that event. In the event that a student’s club membership is terminated, there will be no refund of club fees paid for that semester.

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