Upcoming Events and Programs

Leaders - please remember that all deadlines are FIRM!  We are all volunteers, our time is as valuable as yours.  Deadlines are given for a reason. Please be considerate!

"Did you know?  Six out of ten girls stop doing something they love because they feel bad about the way they look."  These were the findings of Dove 2010 study.  
Free Being Me is a program presented by Dove and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).  The "aim is to improve girls' self-esteem and body confidence through fun and empowering activities."  Girls can work on the Free Being Me badge programme beginning in January 2014. Although the badge program has not yet begun, the site is active with ideas and activities.  You can find it at  http://www.free-being-me.com/ .  This is geared toward girls aged 7-14.

Want to earn the MEdia Girl Scout Journey (Cadette) in a weekend?  An overnighter program has been created to do just that.  Just follow the guidelines and your troop will be able to complete the Journey.  See below in attachments.


Devil's Lake Hike sponsored by Badger Trails will be held September 30-Octber 2.  Troops can go for any or all days.  This is a youth hike sponsored specifically for youth organizations - scouts, church youth groups, 4-H.  This is a great event, however it IS a hike, not a casual stroll through the woods, so be sure to gauge the ability of your girls.  See below in attachments for more information.
Visit this page often for updates on Upcoming Programs

Remember, GSUSA requires that girls wear their uniform when officially representing Girl Scouts.  Girls at events for MAGS or in the community with their troops should be wearing their vests or sashes!!  People should recognize the organization without having to ask.
Exception: any event where you need to be in costume, and snow tubing.

Confirmed  MAGS (local) events for the 2016-17 program year:

Rollerskating - November 4, 2016, 6-9pm.  See below in attachments for flyer and registration

Holiday Parade - November 17th, 6:30 step off.  More information coming soon

Cookie Rally/Dance - January, 15th.  More information coming soon.  For information on Cookie Training for Troop Cookie Managers, see the NEWS page on this website.  Training MUST be attended by a troop representative!

Powderpuff Derby - TBA

Leader-Daughter Event - date TBA.  This is for leaders (01) and co-leaders (02) and their daugters.  

Snow Tubing - February 12th.  This date is TENTATIVE.

MAGS Lock-in - late February.  Sponsored by Troop 6197

Girl Scout Week Event - Sunday, March 12.  This date is TENTATIVE

Spring Campout - TBA


Dairyfest Parade - Saturday June 3.  This is TENTATIVE, we need a coordinator for this event.  We have a trailer, we need someone to design and organize.

MAGS GALA (Bridging) - TBA

Central WI State Fair Junior Fair Entries - Girl Scouts can enter items in the Junior Fair.  These need to be items made/done in Girl Scouts.  Click here to access the 2016 Junior Fair book for more information.

             Confirmed Service Events:

Make A Difference Day - October 22, 8-Noon.  See below in attachments for flyer.

Holiday Box project (food donations) - November.  See below in attachments for flyer.

Girl Scout Week's First Baby Girl Born baskets - baskets due March 1. 

MAGS Pancake Breakfast - April 2, Knights of Columbus. This is the ONLY fundraiser MAGS has.  All funds stay here to help pay for local programing. 

Memorial Day flag placement at cemetery - May 27th, 10am.  No registration required.  Meet at the chapel at the cemetery, please wear vests and sashes.  This normally takes about an hour.
Flag Distribution through Hiller's True Value Hardware  - late June or early July, date TBA
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