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Welcome to the Marshfield Area Girl Scouts Website
Girls can join Scouts at any time during the year.  Contact this website for more information on Scouting in the Marshfield Area.


Marshfield Area Girl Scouts (MAGS) is part of Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Inc.  We serve girls living in the school districts of Marshfield, Spencer, and Auburndale.

In 2015-2016, we have nearly 260  registered Scouts in grades K-12,  and 100 adult volunteers.
Girl Scout Levels
Daisies - K-1st grade
Brownies - 2nd-3rd grade
Juniors - 4th-5th grade
Cadettes - 6th, 7th, 8th grade
Seniors - 9th-10th grade
Ambassadors -11th-12th grade
You Know You're A Girl Scout When...
- your hiking boots have glitter on them
- you donate blood one mosquito at a time
- you have tie-dyed your bra
- you travel everywhere in a "truddy"
- you know the lyrics and tunes to 35 different camp songs
- you purchase a vehicle based on how many cases of cookies it will hold
- you actually can use a bandanna in 100 different ways
- you attend career day at school and you have already tried half the careers there
- your closets are full ... of craft supplies
- you can start a fire in the rain with no matches
- you never throw out anything without first thinking, "can I use this for Scouts?"
- you count people in a group to make sure they are all there, even when you are at work

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