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Exploring Instruments!

posted Feb 8, 2018, 1:41 PM by Marsha Goodman-Wood

When Ayanna, Wardell and I were recently playing a show at The Avalon Theatre, we had some young friends who loved coming up close before and after the show to check out the instruments! At that venue we are right on the floor in front of the audience (in front of the gorgeous red curtain you see in the photo to the left), so we're right at kid-level.

One of the advantages of seeing live music is that it becomes a beautiful sensory experience for your kids. They feel the sound vibrations directly while they see the instruments being played, and sometimes they can even explore the instruments more closely.  It's always important to ask first, but many musicians are happy to let a curious child tap a drum, explore a percussion instrument or perhaps even touch a guitar!  Ayanna had claves (or rhythm sticks), a tambourine, a double caxixi (or woven basket maraca, this one from Ghana in West Africa), plus her beautiful djembe drum.

There's nothing like seeing a child light up with joy as they experience playing a new instrument! If you come to a Marsha and the Positrons show, you can always ask us if it's OK to check out our instruments after the show.  Our next show is at Jammin Java on Saturday, February 17th at 10:30AM! We'd love to see you there!!