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I'd love to perform at your school, party, festival or concert series! I play everywhere from birthday parties & community events to museums, concert venues -- as well as schools and libraries.  I have different pricing for solo shows, duos or trios with members of my band The Positrons, and am happy to discuss options and help you figure out what combo would be best for your event and budget. Shoot me an email or give me a call!

Marsha Goodman-Wood
goodman_wood AT
Phone: 202-246-6688

You can also stay in touch via:
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Listen online and view lyrics at Reverbnation and Bandcamp. Check out press clips and photos at Reverbnation and Facebook  (and Twitter if you want to look back in my feed). Check out my latest videos over on YouTube!

[I'm not currently offering classes, but for when relevant: To register for a class, please send an email with the class that you wish to enroll in, the name & birthday of the child, the name of the adult that will attend with the child, and any relevant contact phone numbers.]