Welcome to History

In history, those who have survived have found their way: food, shelter, protection,etc. The key to the development of humankind as we know it today is education--always has been.

In order to navigate the future successfully, we must first understand the past. 

This picture represents the greatest.  It is my family, and is what I ultimately achieve and live for.   Each of us, like our Nation’s forefathers, or even those of other nations, must define for ourselves what the “greatest” is.  Experience, loyalty, integrity, and respect have become the focus of my life, and education became the vehicle I chose to help me honor what is considered a gift.  I love History and Literature!  The course you are enrolled in will hopefully expose for you a world you want to be an integral part of.  Whether your journey is successful or not, much like George Washington, J K Rowling, or your parents -- is completely up to you...