Marshall Schroeder

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I am a graduate research assistant studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland in College Park.  My advisor is Professor Gary W. Rubloff.  I began working in his group as an undergraduate in April 2008 and after graduating recently (May 2010) I have decided to pursue a PhD in MSE as a member of his research group.

So far, most of my efforts have been focused towards refurbishing an x-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) system, shown above,  for thin film characterization.  Throughout this process I have come to appreciate the intricacies of UHV systems and related equipment.  Recently, this system has been incorporated into an IARPA grant to
devise, fabricate, study and test Josephson junction structures for quantum computing applications. This will require a multifunctional system with in-situ atomic layer deposition (ALD), XPS, and thermal evaporation like the one shown below. 

I am also very interested in biomaterials and hope to ultimately pursue a profession in this field.