Posters from 2012

Poster Requirements:

  • The font size should be no smaller than 16 point.
  • Do not credit the university where you are enrolled as a student (unless that happens to be Marshall University).  Your work this summer was supported by Marshall University, not your home university.  However, you can add a footnote to your name saying something like, "Current address:  Department of Mathematics, West Virginia University" -- or whatever department is overseeing your major. 
  • Every poster must contain the following items:
    • A statement of goal.  In two or three sentences, state what you were trying to do. 
    • A statement of up to a paragraph explaining exactly what the student participant did.  For example, did he or she write new software, port existing software to another platform, or run existing software with new parameters?  This can be a part of your methods section.
    • A statement of the outcome.  In two or three sentences, state what was accomplished related to the science discipline.  This is not asking if you learned new computational skills!  It really should be something that was not previously known, even to your mentor.  This can be part of your conclusions, but it should be clearly marked.
    • A statement of the research's impact in the discipline.  Will the research done this summer in some way impact the mentor's research?  Does it identify an area for further research?  Does it identify a dead end to be avoided?  Will it lead to a publication?  This can also be a part of the conclusions.
    • If, but only if, the research can reasonably be expected to have an identifiable impact outside the discipline (for instance, by leading directly or indirectly to the solution of a problem for society at large), that impact should be identified in the conclusions.
    • The acknowledgement, "This research was supported by NSF grant OCI-1005117."
  • You may use the following logos on your poster:
  • Marshall University Logo

    • NSF Logo