Musical Events

 Live performances are very important in the lives of growing musicians.  There are so many qualities that live performance offers that are not a part of a recording or even a video.  The energy that emanates from a live performance cannot be duplicated by listening to a recording.  It pulls us into the performance and creates excitement.  The opportunity to see the performers movements as they execute technique is valuable as we learn to connect the sound that we hear with the gesture that we see.
On this page of the web site, I will attempt to keep you informed of musical events that might be of interest to students and parents.  Please look at this page from time to time. Make an attempt to find time in your schedule, at least once a season, to attend a live musical event. 
Thursday, January 30, 2014.  Brenda Marshall (keyboard) and Mark Pappas ( keyboard bass) play at the Tower Inn in Ypsilanti.  8-11 p.m.  Come enjoy a late dinner or snacks with some cool background jazz.

Sunday, March 16th at Pease Auditorium; Anne Beth Gajda and Garik Pedersen play works for 2 and 4 hand piano. 
A one hour free performance.