2020 Beginner Beekeepers Class: The dates and times for the beginners class are Friday evening, March 6th from 6:30 - 9:00 and Saturday, March 7th from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The cost will be $25.00 and will cover 2020 dues for MCBA and TBA. We will be participating in the TBA hive grant program. The TBA hive grant program allows for three new beekeepers to win a beginners kit. Hive grant winners will need to pay dues for MCBA and TBA for an additional year ($20.00 total) as the grant requires two year membership. The class will be held at the University of Tennessee Experiment Station at 1070 New Lake Road in Lewisburg. The class will primarily be for beginners with the exception of experienced beekeepers that are willing to mentor. This is so that the mentors and beginners can get familiar with one another, rather than they be assigned to someone they have not met. Those that have been beekeeping for a few years and could use a refresher are welcome to attend but will not be able to participate in the hive grant program. The class flyer is below and has the registration form attached.

Club Nuc Order: Kent Williams will be supplying our club with nucs this year. Kent has given us a club price of $145.00. I will be adding a $10.00 handling fee per person (per person, not per nuc). The additional $10.00 will go to the club treasury, as this is a club fundraiser. Kent does not require a deposit, but his deadline date for orders is March 7th. I will send Kent our final order based on the nucs that have been paid for by the close of our beginner’s class on March 7th. You can place your order at one of our meetings or mail your check to Nancy Warden, our Treasurer. Checks need to be made out to Marshall County Beekeepers Association, please write what it is for on the check. Be sure to include your contact information (phone number and email) so Nancy can confirm with you that she has received it and so that I can contact you when the nucs arrive. Nancy’s address is: 2407 Bob Cheek Road, Lewisburg 37091.


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