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Hello Everyone, thank you for visiting my home page. My page will be introducing many topics of interest to stimulate and enlighten your mind.

I want to encourage YOU to discover your potential as a talented particpant for accumulating Income using YOUR special gift called the MIND to CREATE.

The mind is a tool that was made to be creative. However, only according to it's spirit/the spirit that it follows, we are able to judge the good and the bad of whatever thoughts it created to produce products, whether it be material, or otherwise.

Let me share my poem with you so you can get to know me better. this poem I call:

In the Mix, In the Midst

Love is my government

I reside in a city called Justice,

My income is Freedom, yeah!

Wisdom for my intellect is limitless

Brotherly love entertains me with It's peace,

Surely,  Joy is my entire consciousness


My mind connected with the holy spirit and created that poem. This poem is my comfort zone/the foundation on which my soul can rest.

In case you are wondering, I will like to share my opinion on the subject regarding "the holy spirit"

I believe that whatever the substance is that made Mind that is what/or who God is, and It created It's own holy spirit, and it is It's holiness that is It's greatness, and It's ability to become ONE/Mind and Spirit ONE with each other, in an agreement/covenant to stay true to the self for the purpose of doing only what is good as Servant, and Creator so that all things that It created will have a good foundation on which to stand/live. That explains why He said "let us" make man........ This is to demonstrate how humble is His heart.

I have also come to understand that the only god that resembles that god (based on my opinion) is the god of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Moses and the rest of the prophets/Bible. And, because I believe that He does things according to the/His Holy spirit, or by way of It, I believe in Jesus. I truly believe that He left His glorious kingdom (after preparing a way) and was dwelling here on the Earth with us in the name of Jesus to correct a fault, not a default, and He accomplished the task victoriously. Amen.

By the way, Income does not only come in the form of dollar bills. Income can be Freedom. In order to obtain that freedom you have to love LOVE. God is love and Love is God.

However, to make an income in the form of dollars and cents aka money, I realize that I have to view the world as the marketplace, and I have to create a system that will allow me to "handle" my growth in the learning process. I also realize that being prepared is the  the best way to greet opportunities. I have also learned that a successfull marketing business online depends on a lot of things of which two are very important, access to the right opportunities and effective security measures.

I hope you enjoyed reading my MindSauce and keep visiting!

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