M.a.r.s. Observatory

Greetings from The McLean Astronomical Research Studies (MARs):

 Equipment:  10” Newtonian, Crayford, 60mm AstroTech w/Skyris 445m for guiding and Telrad. The mount is a highly modified Meade EQ, precision needle bearings and 1.25 stainless shafts, movement is via Byers gear set and of course Sidereal Technology Servo I controllers and wireless module. Putting this together was fun and rewarding, it has proved to be a workable rig.

We will add more images from time to time. At some point, we plan to add an instructional on our experience building a roll off observatory.  This was an education unto itself, so maybe we can save another the grief of making our mistakes. This was a labor of love and now would not trade it for anything. If you have dreamed of doing this, our advice is getting started NOW.  You will never regret it.

Look over the images and ask questions.  We will gladly answer what we can or refer you to someone who can.

Any suggestions for improving this site will be much appreciated. We know we have a lot to learn and need all the help we can get. Criticism is also welcome.  We will not be offended.  It’s all fair game: structure, content, grammar, spelling, syntax, you name it and go for it. The desire is to put up a site people want to visit.

Billy Ray (stargazer, dreamer and fool at large).