Preparing for a Bone Marrow Transplant for Your Child

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)- involves taking healthy cells from the bone marrow (stem cells), filtering the cells, and giving them to the patient's own body in other areas, or another recipient. 

Bone marrow transplants are for those suffering from leukemia's, anemia's, lymphoma's, and other blood disorders. 
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The ultimate goal is to remove the unhealthy bone marrow and replace it with healthy bone marrow. 

Preparation for the Transplant
Most children are exposed to chemotherapy or radiation to treat the tumor(malignancy) and clear the area for the new bone marrow.
The bone marrow is then given through the central venous catheter, the stem cells then locate the marrow and start replicating healthy new cells.
Post transplant, measures are taken to prevent infection. Frequent blood work is done, along with vital sign monitoring, intake and output of fluids and meals, weighing the child two to three times daily, and any other measures needed to ensure success.  

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Normal Symptoms During Transfusion

Normal Symptoms Post Transfusion
-Mouth Abrasions
-Overall feelings of weakness

Call your doctor immediately with any symptoms outside of the norm.

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