Alphabetical list of activities

Citizen of the Year Award

The Citizen of the Year Award was started in 1973 by  .....


MI Sweatshirt Sale

Sale of MI sweatshirts started in (date, by whom ?MEMS,)  (Marge Illman desgins; MEMS, etc.)

MI Yard Sale: 7/31/11 - 9:30 am

MIEP Annual Yard Sale

The first MIEP Yard Sale occurred on July 31, 2011. It was organized by the MIEP Team. The team is using this Annual MI Yard Sale on 7/28 or 29 to plan for the next yard sale in 2012.


MI Food Growers (MIFG)

  1. 1/16/2012 - MIFG was offered by Rita Kepner at the 1/16/2012 MICA meeting and approved by the attendees.
  2. 1/19/2012 - Rita announced the first meeting on 1/27/2012 via thsi Island Net post.
  3. 1/20/2012 - Pete Hubbard created a mailing list at and a web page at
  4. 1/27/2012 - Currently 21 subscribers to the mailing list.
  5. 1/28/2012 - Added this link section to MIFG web page at
  6. 2/5/2012 - Added this link


MICA Meetings

The first MICA meeting was held on ....


Strawberry Festival

Courtesy of the Will Nordby Photo Collection, Cheryl Brunette and Reuben Lalish 6/17/12 -

Another interesting thing of note in this picture that Bruce commented on......

The camera is facing west. Beyond the schoolhouse would be the lower end of Mystery Bay. The Frank Knight (Griffiths) land was first logged (according to verbal from Art Nordby) approx. 1905. In the picture it is easy to see the second growth timber that had grown taller during those twenty intervening years. Some of the stumps from the original logging we've left standing - one can be seen from the Griffiths Point road - about fifteen feet west of our mailbox. The tallest trees seen in this picture must approximate150 years of age. Wonderful piece of history. Laurie Tillman  (IN Post)

See MI Strawberry Festival


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