Chapter 8

freedom run 

    James tip toed back into the small room, and looked out the window, it was broken, and jarred shut. The pane of glass that once found a home in it's frame had been broken long ago, but an escape from it was now nearly impossible. James looked out and down, no ladder, no fire escape, nothing but bare brick wall. He saw Amber beside him, the moonlight reflected off the iris of her eyes, but she was not okay. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she passed out, spasming slightly, drool escaped from her mouth. The light that seeped in cut jagged shapes across her face, turning her into a ragged jigsaw image. James didn't know what to think of the her. He knew he had to get her out. He took her by one of her arms, and put it around the back of his neck to lift her up, thankfully she was light, and because she was unconscious, there would be no struggle. She was about a hundred ten, perhaps a hundred twenty pounds. He took out his gun and held it in front of him.

    James heard the stairs creak. The Man must be on his way up. he immediately crouched again, and pointed the gun forward, approximating the position towards the stairs, he waited, waited, the sting of sweat in the eyes returned. James squinted and saw a glimmer of the light behind him reflect of the weird saw The Man was holding. James fired the gun, once, twice, three times. He heard a loud thump and thwack of The Man hitting the stair case, and then rolling down.

    The gun shots had not stirred Amber in the least. He got to his feet again and raced down the stairs, he nearly tripped over The Man's body, but regained his posture before he and the woman fell.

    James put the .44 back under his belt, and felt around the ground for the saw, while balancing the girl with his other arm, he found it and tossed it across the floor. James then stood up again and felt around the walls for the exit. After what seemed like hours, he finally found the door he came through. He pushed on the door bar and it opened. The cold wind had picked up since he first arrived, and a flurry had begun. He carried Amber to his Suburban and put her in the passengers side seat. She woke up as he got in the truck and slammed his door. "Where..are..we?" she asked. "We're safe." answered James. "I'm going to take you to my hotel, we' ll be safe there, I can't go home, whoever finds this place will alert the authorities" He started the truck. He grabbed an ice remover from behind his seat and dusted the snow off his windshield then got back in, after a few minutes he put it in gear and backed out of the large lot and onto an adjoining alley that ran up a narrow lane and to a main street. He stopped at the first red light, and sighed a breath of relief.

    After driving for about twenty minutes James looked in his rear-view mirror looking to see if he was being followed, there was no one there.


    The Man watched as James drove away out of the lot. He didn't have much time to catch up, but that was okay. The pulling sensation was beginning to return to his chest, made his heart beat faster, made the blood rush. The urge was insatiable, and his query  could never really escape. The magnetic pulsations towards his prey would give him as much time as he needed. He took out his black leather gloves, and put on his black fedora and returned to his Lincoln and started her up.