Chapter 5

What I did 


    It had been a long night, searching for these two, finding the right house proved rather difficult, but perseverance proved helpful in the end. The compulsion to find these two perfect strangers was throughly an extant process through which I didn't understand in the least, The sheer driving will which came upon me was terrifying, yet exhilarating, I haven't always felt the blood lust, it only came to me recently, when I found out what I truly was, and what to do with the dark urges that burned within.

    I found myself lost in thoughts in my own mind, standing in the dark warehouse room, not a speck of light entered from any crack, or painted or boarded up window, just the way I like it. Pure black. I switched on the lamp and looked down at her. Hair so soft and blond, skin like alabaster, which I felt compelled to break. She wasn't dead yet, no, not yet.

    I pointed the light up to the wall where I had nailed her son, she opened her eyes and tried to scream through her gag when she realized he was eviscerated. She closed her eyes tightly, and cried.

    I picked up my favorite scalpel, and she slowly opened her eyes again, as I began to cut them out, luckily she was too sedated to move and fell back into unconscious slumber from the pain. Such pretty eyes, shame I had to waste the rest of her.