Chapter 4

Death in dark room 

    James had passed out, the sight of the blood was too much for him. The smell of the womans viscera had woken him. He squinted and saw her body splayed open. The Man had removed her organs and put them in a bin beside the metal bed where she lay. An I.V. had been set up to the womans body, most likely to administer a lethal does of whatever The Man had lying around, who knew. James was a relatively strong man, medium build, over six feet tall, if he could escape, he could take on The Man, he was about the same size, they were evenly matched, at least physically. He looked around but could not see The Man anywhere. James pulled on his left hand. The metal strap was tight and secure, but James tried anyway. No good. The only way out would be to dislocate the thumb, but James needed it the way it was. James heard a scuffle, someone was coming, probably The Man returning to kill him. He closed his eyes. Sweat rolled down his brow and into his eyes, it stung.

    James could hear the footsteps of The Man as he walked across the hard concrete floor, each footstep reverberated with heavy sounds of doom that echoed towards his ears and through his body, James began to shake. The Man spoke to James, again in his deep baritone voice.

"Wake up James, It's time"

    James opened his eyes, "How do you know my name, you son of a bitch?" he yelled. The Man was slightly taken aback to the abrupt and loud question, but answered anyway. "How do you think, James, how is it that you're even here, hmm?" He asked back.

"Do you think this is all just, coincidence? Would you believe I knew you were coming already?"
"What the fuck are you talking about, you psycho, you murderer, I saw what you did to that woman."
"Did you now."

    The Man lifted up something in his right hand. It looked like a remote of some kind. Another syringe was in his left hand.

"Are you an Impotent old fuck? are you a fucking necrophiliac? You get off screwing with intestines or something?" James accused The Man.

    The Man bent forward, but James was ready, and head-butted the man. The Man dropped the remote, and as it hit the concrete floor, it smashed and released James' bonds.