Chapter 3

Awake in a nightmare

    James awoke, vision blurred and head groggy, he lifted his head and tried to move, but couldn't. He looked down at his his hands, and they were clamped at the wrists with metal straps of some kind, lower still, his ankles were the same.

    The Man Walked past him, James feigned unconsciousness as he passed, and squinted. The Man had dragged the womans body to a large metallic table, the ambient light of the room made it glow with a gray tinge. James watched as The Man laid out the womans naked body. The Man took off his large woolen overcoat and Hat and placed them on a nearby six foot coat-hanger, it was antique and was finely detailed and carved out of mahogany. The Man stepped behind a partition and after some scuffling it appeared he had removed some clothes and put on a large PVC apron, and a surgical mask. James continued to watch through a watery squinted eye.

    The Man walked further into the back, and James heard a sharp metallic squeak, and then gushing water, The Man must be scrubbing. He reappeared no less than 2 minutes later, now wearing long plastic gloves, and was carrying the black surgical kit James had seen in the car earlier. The Man placed it down on a tall metal table, and laid out the tools he required. He picked up a surgical pen, the tip was so fine, James could barely even see it. The Man drew lines from her shoulders, to the center of her chest, down to her pelvic region. after that, he placed the pen down and gently picked up a scalpel. He cut into the body, and she bled.

"Fuck," yelled The Man.

She wasn't so dead after all.