Chapter 24

The Chase

David rolled down the passenger window and looked into the darkness that sped by. The snow completely obscured all vision behind the car; David had never remembered so much snow. A feeling of loneliness entered him, he tried to feel something but was barren.

“I don’t think any of those beasts are following us”

            “Good. Could you grab me one of those cigars?”  Hong pointed to the top of the dashboard.

           “I buried an eight inch blade into one of their skulls, there’s no way it could be alive”

            “I Love Cubans, I have a weakness for them.”

            David handed him one and lit it for him.

           “Are you listening to me?”

           “Why is this happening, what the hell were those things?“ He asked Hong.


            David rested his head back against the head rest and closed his eyes. He saw the great beast in his minds eye and heard it say his name. He opened his eyes and saw a rifle on a small rack over his head. He looked over at Hong who was taking a big puff of his cigar. David looked in the side view mirror, there was nothing there.


            “I don’t know partner, but I’m sure I don’t want to find out. What ever is going down, it isn’t natural.”

            Hong saw a car coming on the other side of the road and switched off the high beams. He switched them back on after the car passed.

            “I mean, if there were a way to explain those beasts, would it have something to do with me coming across the whole country in minutes?”


            David and Hong turned their heads as they heard tires screeching and a loud crash follow. The car that had past burst into flames, David looked in the side view mirror and saw the car roll to the side of the road.

            “What the fuck was that?” David exclaimed.



            Hong slowed down the El Camino until it stopped. He got out and looked towards the car. David looked in the side view mirror again, he saw a small blur.

            “Hong, get back in here, let’s go now”

            “Why, you see something?”

            Hong got back in the car. He turned the ignition. It didn’t start.

            “Shit, you son of a bitch, don’t die on me now.”


            David looked back into the side view mirror. He saw it. It ripped the door off the car and pulled out a woman, she appeared dead. It raised her over its head and tore her in two, then tossed her aside. David could see its yellow eyes at this distance.

            “Oh shit, it’s back. That fucking thing is still alive, it’s still alive”

            David shivered and twitched.

            “What do you mean it’s still alive?”        

           “Look in the mirror.” David pointed to it.


            Hong continued to crank the ignition, and after a few more turns the engine coughed and finally started. David could see the beasts gaze shift to them.

            “Step on it, it knows were here.”

            He saw the beast drop to all fours and begin to sprint towards them, fast. They were at about sixty miles an hour now. The beast was still gaining.

            “Jesus, it’s getting closer,” Hong stepped harder on the gas.

            The car was beginning to swerve; the snow was making the road slippery.

            “I can’t keep this up for much longer,” blurted Hong, his forehead dripping with beads of sweat.

            David looked in the side view mirror.

            “It’s gone,”


            The El Camino shook as the beast jumped into the back, over the tailgate. It began to tear and rip at the cab.

            “Holy shit” they said in unison.

            The beast finally got through and ripped the back of the cab off as if it were a can of tuna. Its breath was rank and its look intent. It grabbed David by the shoulders and picked him up, pulling him out of the passenger chair and to the back of the car.  David pulled out a gun, but the beast swept up a large claw and hit the gun over the side and out of David’s Hand. Hong frantically looked back in the rear view mirror, not knowing what he should do.


            “What do I do, what do I do?”  Hong yelled.


            Hong grabbed his rifle from the rack, and unbuckled his seatbelt. He took off a shoe and jammed it into place on the gas, the car weaved and stuttered, but Hong got it back under control. With one foot, he positioned himself, with the other he steered. He opened the sunroof and positioned himself to take a shot at the large beast.


            David struggled with futility to free himself of the beast’s tight grip. It pulled him closer to its horrendous face, David backed his face away. The smell of its breath was putrid.  The knife had been removed from its head, and a scar lined the bottom of its neck where David had stabbed it.

            “Jacob, you are one of ours” The beast spoke, with its slithery tongue flailing about in its mouth, saliva dripping down. 

            “Duck” yelled Hong.      

            David looked back and saw Hong with his rifle ready. David kicked the beast in the groin, but it laughed at him.

            “We will take you back no matter what” the words came out of its mouth like the slime that dripped down from it.


            David touched the beast with his right Hand. It screamed and dropped him; a burn lay in the shape of his palm where he had touched its forearm. Hong shot the beast in the chest and it fell backwards, flipped and hit its head on the tailgate and disappeared into the cold wet darkness. Hong turned around and saw it at the last moment. A large tree fell in their path under the weight of the falling snow. They were headed straight for it.