Chapter 23

A Fight To The Death 

 The large beast growled violently at David; drool and slime dripped down in a sluice that slicked the floor. It raised its arms up, and then brought down its claws to the ground in a thunderous rage that cracked the concrete and slightly shook the Army Surplus’ store foundation. David jumped backwards as the beast reared upwards on it’s hind legs and pounced forward, he drew his guns and took aim at the monsters joints, two hits to both arms, and both legs dropped the grotesque thing, it squirmed, and howled ferociously, David could nearly taste the animals anger, it was bitter and repugnant, and was so thick it stung his eyes.

 The beast emitted some sort of gas from holes in its back. David looked around and found a gas mask, and put it on. He continued to fire his Desert Eagles at the beast, but no matter how many bullets he pumped into it, it seemed as if it just absorbed them, and then healed up the wounds after each blast. David holstered his guns and leapt over the main display case and behind its counter. He lied on the floor; looking up he saw a large shotgun under the register and reached for it. The large beast took a swipe at the register and obliterated it into shreds of metal and plastic, the change within rained down on David. He unsheathed his knife and with all his strength, buried it into the lower jaw of the monster, piercing its brain, the beast shrieked so loudly, David let go of the blade to cover his ears. The Beast fell to the floor and crunched the concrete with its sheer massive weight. David ran to the front door and back out into the cold snowy morning.

  David zipped up his new jacket and turned the collar up, he looked around, the sidewalks and road were still empty but for four more of the same beasts like the one he had just killed. 

David could see a dark car coming in the distance but couldn't make the model out, the snow was thick and blurring his vision. He looked back towards the beasts, the yellow of their eyes belied their presence, for which he was grateful. The car swerved around one of the monsters, sliding on the slippery road. A young man in a long black coat and a cowboy hat opened the passenger door and yelled at him.

"Get the fuck in man, c'mon these fuckers will tear you peices!"

David did not hesitate and jumped in, one of the beasts jumped on the back of the car and reared the front of it upwards and back down.

"Go!" yelled David

The man in the cowboy hat accelerated, and the beast flew off the back of the car, they sped away. David sighed as he stuck out his hand to shake his new friends hand.

"I'm David," he said.

"I'll be fucked," said the young Asian man, "but you can call me Hong." He tipped his hat with his right hand as he kept steering with his left.