Chapter 20

Badach waits 

Amber stepped into the dark apartment after James, stepping over the sticky drying puddle of blood. James was still surveying the apartment, sweeping the flashlight from side to side. A faint glimmer sparkled into her eye as the light passed something metallic. She walked over to it and picked it up. It was sinewy and wet, and when James focused the flashlight on it, it was a partial mandible, the fillings in the teeth glinted, and she gulped back vomit and dropped it once she realized what she picked up.


“Christ, what the fuck happened here? Who the fuck could do something like this?” she asked James.

“I don’t know” he answered.

“Quiet, I hear something.”


“I think someone is still here,” Before he knew what had happened, something had grabbed him from behind and pinned him against the far wall beside the bathroom, where he had been hiding in the shadows. No warning came. His strength was immense; he picked up James with almost no effort. James tried to fight back, but every time he tried to grab his assailant, his hands slipped off, it was if the man had grease all over his skin.


James realized he had dropped both his gun and flashlight, and when the large …thing, dropped him to the ground, he searched in vain for them, scrambling as fast as he could to find them.


“Amber, are you there? Are you okay?” he screamed out.


He heard a click, and the light shined in his eyes, the light hurt his eyes. She had his flash light and waved it back and forth until she saw him. He was about seven feet tall, and appeared to be a man, but his skin was translucent, and iridescent, almost glowing when the light hit him, his inner organs could be seen.

She blasted off all five rounds from the small snub nose, and the man thing dropped.


“You okay James?”

“That fucking guy meant business, who was he?”

“Not a he, a what,” she stated, then pointed the flashlight at it.

“What is that thing?” James bent down to examine it. It gurgled, and he flinched, stepping back a pace.


“Get whatever it was you wanted to get from here, and let’s get the fuck out of here” James blurted, as he dusted himself off to get up.