Chapter 2

The Meeting 

    He knelt and picked up the body bag, and threw it over his shoulder, as if it were a sack of potatoes. The Man was very large, probably six foot five, and three hundred pounds, he was still wearing what he wore that night he broke in; black fedora, black sweater, and black overcoat. Tonight he had the addition of a black scarf and black leather gloves. As before, his face remained blank, the same stoic blank white mask covered his features. He walked up the steps, then paused and pivoted his head towards James, James pulled his head back, hoping not to have been seen. He waited, stepped back a few paces, so his breath wouldn't be seen lingering in the frigid air.

    He heard the door slam shut. He was safe. He poked his head around the corner once more to make sure, and it was clear. Hunched over, James slowly pulled out his .44 Special and held it with two hands. He walked over to the car. It was a black seventy-seven Mark V, and appeared to be meticulously cared for. He looked in the window, and saw a black satchel opened on the passengers side seat, it appeared that it contained many surgical tools, all clean, one spot was missing something, an indentation about six inches long.

"Hello James" said a voice

    Before he could react, The Man grabbed James with one swift motion, with his gloved hand around James' throat. James dropped the pistol, and felt his body rise off the ground; the last thing he saw was The Man inject something into his neck, probably in a major artery. He collapsed to the ground.