Chapter 19

I am He


            David Jacob shivered in the cold twilight of the new day that was coming, he wrapped his arms around himself to retain lost heat, but no matter what he did he remained cold. He looked at his hands, they were a grayish blue tinge, and it didn’t appear as if any blood flowed through his veins. He gripped his hands into fists with all the power he could force into his muscles. They ached as he released them.


There was a filthy vagrant sleeping in an old soiled cardboard box, he looked to be about a rough and weathered fifty years old, had a long gray beard, and filthy torn clothes. His shoes were out of place, as they were brand new. David looked around; there was no one around. The vagrant was fast asleep, so he quietly, slowly and carefully removed them from the old mans feet. David slipped them on his own feet, while propping himself up against a large smelly dumpster.


He continued on his way, towards where the magnetic pulsations pulled him, an invisible rope dragging him on a course he knew nothing of, to a destination he did not know where, maybe to a person, a thing, he hoped it wasn’t.



            Detective Roddy Denton found himself still sitting on his car, his head had cleared and the void has cleared away to the grime and slime of the shoddy motel strip. He shook out the dizzy spell that had overcome his head and looked up to the sky; the sun was a bit higher. A sharp pain shot through his head, and The Man’s voice spoke, it echoed, and bounced inside his head.


“I will lead you through Doorways into other worlds. The boy he is the key, what he hides inside is mine, and the truth shall set us free.”

”You are me, I am you, but also I am he, shepherd of the bastard flock, that grazes in the streets.” The voice trailed off into oblivion.


            Sheldon Glock nudged Roddy in the shoulder. “The radio is busted son, and my cell phone reception is shit.”  He said to him, with his hands on his face, rubbing his eyes.


“What the fuck are we going to do, follow a trail of corpses all day until we find this piece of shit?