Chapter 18

Into The Void 


    Amber parked the Suburban on the opposite street across from her building. She turned off the truck and handed the keys back to James. He put them in his coat pocket. James reached around the back of his seat and pulled out another coat, and gave it to her. “Put this on, it’s pretty cold; I don’t want you dying of pneumonia.”


“You barely even know me, why do you even care?” she asked him.

“Because I’ve seen enough death in the past day, that’s why”

“Fair enough,” She said, as she pulled on the small downed coat, yet another article of his late wife.


    They got out of the truck and walked across the intersection, no cars seemed to be coming in either direction, or from ahead. The roads were dead silent. They made it across the street, and the only noise that could be heard in the once noisy city was the breeze flowing through the pines in the park beside the building. The once deafening sounds of car horns in a blasting cacophony were eradicated by the soothing yet eerie tranquility.


“I hope Josh is okay, it’s like if I leave for twenty minutes, the jackass gets into some kind of trouble, and I always have to bail the skeet-face out.

“Uh, okay.” Replied James, having no idea what the hell she said.


    They entered the seemingly abandoned building and took the elevator up to her floor, the sixth, and got off after about a minutes ride. The elevator clanked, moaned groaned and squeaked when it stopped at the sixth floor, the lights flickered, and scared Amber, The Elevator jolted and as it did, it made her fall against James. James caught her before she tripped on the way out of the elevator and held her up. “Aren’t you my hero?” she said sarcastically, but with a twinge of a smile.


“Down and around the corner to the left is me.” She said, as she regained her posture and walked up the dank hallway. “It’s a shit hole, but its home,” she exclaimed. “I’ve seen worse” replied James, as he looked around the corridor, noticing the grime, gunk and filth of the place. As he did, he returned the favor and bumped into Amber, she was frozen in her tracks, as she noticed a trail of blood on the floor, she hadn’t noticed before.


“God damn it, we’re walking in fucking blood,” she squeaked.


    James looked down at the blue carpet, and noticed the dried dark stain. “How do you know its blood? I mean, it could be anything.” He said. “I’ve seen enough to know what it is, and that’s fucking blood.”  

“Jesus, it’s leading back to my apartment,” she exclaimed again.


    She ran to her door, to find it gaping open, and more blood pooled at the threshold. “What the hell happened here? Where the fuck is Josh?”


“I don’t know, but you better let me look first, I have the gun remember?”


“Well don’t blow away my roomy; the blond skinny fuck still owes me like eight hundred dollars.” She said coyly. “I’ve wittingly stepped into the proverbial shit in the last day and survived so far,” he replied back.


He stepped into the dark apartment; the lights didn’t work, so he clicked on his flashlight, and took out his gun.


“Uh, I think I found him,” he yelled out from the dark apartment.

“What do you mean think?”

“Uh I can’t tell, there are bits everywhere”





    Detective Denton rubbed his eyes but nothing came to sight, he kept rubbing, but no matter how hard he rubbed, and believed his eyes were open, he was in a black void. He wasn’t asleep, he wasn’t cold, and where had he gone? Just a moment ago he had been face to face with the lunatic thought dead thirty years ago standing in front of him in the parking lot of the seedy motel complex; he had him in his sights. The Man’s plans were coming to fruition, the story he had uttered so long ago still hung in Roddy’s head.


“Kill, to fill the void, kill to fill the void, the void needs it, it hungers for it” said The Man.


“Who are you? How are you alive? I shot you six times, then refilled and shot you six more times, you sonnofabitch, you cold hearted killing machine” exclaimed Roddy to the void.


“You can’t kill me, you imbecile; I’m practically a force of the Universe.”


“Now that I have you, and now that my power is growing, I will soon have all that is, and bring this world what it truly deserves, the Dawn of Night.”


‘What in blazes are you babbling about man,?” asked Roddy.


“This place you’re in, this life you live, it isn’t truly life, or truly living, it’s utter monotony, and the banalities this existence gives is infinitesimal to what I offer Humanity, I can free it!”