Chapter 16
Through my most grievous fault


Detective Roddy Denton sat just on the edge of the hood of the Crown Victoria, sipped on almost cold coffee, and puffed at a stubby cigar. He saw Glock exit the lab doors, and walk towards him; he held a folder in his right hand, and a coffee in the other. Det. Denton looked at Glock and remembered in himself the arrogant swagger his replacement was displaying. He’d lose it soon, once the weight of reality and the position finally set in.


“You’re not going to believe what the lab geeks came up with, I mean, I know most of the work is only preliminary, but it’s still freaky if it’s true.” said the junior detective.

“Lemme see that,” said Denton.


He opened the folder to the first page and scanned though it. He then perked up an eyebrow intrigued, and looked at Glock; Glock nodded his head in affirmation of the reports. He quickly scanned the remaining reports and photographs. He closed the folder, and frowned.

“You’re fucking with me, where’s the real autopsy report?”

“You’re holding it, it’s fucked, but it’s true Rod,” said Glock.


At that moment, their police scanner bleeped and a static filled voice bled through the white noise. “zzzz---Possible multiple 187’s, 240’s, at Jake’s No-tell—zzzz-“

“I know that place,” said Glock.

“Real rat-hole, there’s a new body there at least every week.”

“Let’s go, it might be our guy” said Glock excitedly.


Roddy got shotgun, and Sheldon got behind the wheel and radioed that they were on their way. He looked at Roddy. Roddy popped open the glove compartment and took out the cherry and handed it to Glock, he propped it on the roof of the car, flipped the siren switch and sped out of the Police parking lot, red light spinning and siren wailing like a demon banshee.


“What a way to start the day Rod, six coffees, half a dozen donuts, and enough piss and vinegar for all of jolly Olde England.”

“Make sure it’s enough for here first”



As they were speeding through the unusually light nine a.m. morning traffic, Roddy opened the folder again. He was still confounded by the results, and did not want to believe it, all those years ago, he hid the truth, but now it felt like it were biting back, but this time the chunks it took were harder to swallow, no place to hide it now.


“The knives used were mostly dated mid-to-late nineteenth century, and the autopsy, after the ‘real’ autopsy, revealed usage of an ancient form of autopsy not used in a hundred years. Rod, just who the fuck is this guy, and why does he have nearly two hundred year old equipment? I mean, how far would this guy go to create an M.O.?”


“He’s using the same one he did thirty years ago Glock, I think I have something I should tell you, that I’ve been keeping secret, I haven’t told anyone.” revealed Detective Denton.