Chapter 15



        I quickly got out of the Lincoln, slammed the door, then got Barbara out of her seat, I dragged her to the old house. She was still awake, but her body was going limp. I held her at my side for a moment, but then thought just carrying her over my shoulder would be quicker. I didn't need any keys to enter this old dilapidated house, the wood was festering on the old staircase, the windows were boarded up when it was condemned, and no one wanted to buy it after it had been a crime scene. Not one developer wanted the land, because this neighborhood was so shitty, nothing but welfare cases, squatters, drug dealers and filthy fucking hookers. This house even had tenants, at one time, until I disposed of them. No one would miss that crack-headed trash, they would however be used in another way, a more fitting purpose. Just like Barbara.

    The smell of the place was the same, I could almost taste the death that still lingered in the air like an acrid fragrance, and it filled my lungs and then flowed through my blood, and enveloped my brain. Visions of those nights long ago filled my mind, and the memories flashed before my eyes as if they were happing now in vivid clarity.

"You see this place, bitch? you remember this house?" I said, the disdain in my voice was ripe with boiling anger.

"You fucked it up for me back then, you and those fucking children,"

She tried to reply, but only drool escaped her mouth.

"Well, now that I'm back, nothing can stop it now, the Darkness will rise again, and this time no one can interfere,"

"Why?" She mumbled through a numb mouth, saliva dripped down.

"Because it's time, thats why." I said.

"Don't hurt James or Amber," she let out, with a little more energy this time.

"I'm afraid that's not up to me, it's out of my hands, they are essential"

"I needed to bring you here so you could see a glimpse of what's to come."

    The basement door was broken and on the floor, garbage was strewn everywhere. The dark passageway down was as inviting as an open grave. I switched on my flashlight and stepped down. I shined my flashlight downwards, and pulled he face around so she could see what was waiting for once I had finished with her. She tried to scream,   but her voice didn't come, it was more of a hoarse gasp. Spiraling forever downward, was the bone staircase, of which the Darkness would soon rise.

    She finally passed out, or died, I wasn't sure which, but she had seen down there what I needed her to see. I looked at my watch, James would be at the warehouse soon.