Chapter 12

rising from the darkness


     There was a light, and he saw it. It was an exit, a reprieve from his shit stinking hellhole. Another man, apparently dead, attached to him with large chains weighed him down. He picked up the limp body and ran for it. There was a brilliant blinding flash. He was on his knees with his eyes closed. He slowly opened them. The chain's bond was severed.What a strange place he thought. He looked down, his chest bleeding from a large gaping wound. It didn’t hurt anymore. The pain was gone. He got up. 

    He saw his reflection in a long mirror from across the room, his flesh was as pale as ivory, and his hair was still long and black as he remembered. He had forgotten what he looked like, and his emaciated and gaunt body looked the same as it did, back then. He was naked; he saw a pair of jeans on the floor and put them on. They fit well enough for him, a t-shirt awaited him on top of a cluttered dresser, he grabbed the smelly shirt and put it on. 


    He walked around the small apartment looking at posters of unfamiliar rock stars on the walls.  Beside one of the posters was a calendar, it said it was the year was two thousand and eight. He stuttered the numbers, then shuffled back and fell on his ass, tripping over the other body he had forgotten about, the large chains rattled and clinked as he struggled to get back up.

“What the fuck?” he said aloud and confused.

     Strange visions passed through his minds eye, things he did not witness, were now memories inside his head. He scattered himself across the floor as his brain took in the new information, somehow magically, he had gained memories of events, things and places that had took place. He got up off the floor and held his head in his hands, and screamed loudly.His mind was stinging so painfully, as if a flutter of angry killer bees had entered his skull. 


    He knelt down on his knees, and the searing pain slowly began to recede. He looked around, he saw the front door and unlocked it, then looked for stairs. He didn't want to wait for the elevator. He headed down to the lobby, and made it to the empty street, he felt a strange sensation. He looked up towards the building to see the man that was on the floor, staring down at him through an open window of the apartment he just left. He ran into a dark alley, and caught his breath and found himself speaking aloud.

"I am David Jacob, and I have to find my son,"     

He ran into the darkness of the shadows, and they enveloped him as willingly as the night sky devoured the daylight.