Chapter 10

What I did...again 


     It was a cloudy dark night, and not even the full moon could peek it's full ugly face through those clouds into my night sky to ruin it. I had felt the dark urges again, and the pulsating magnetic pull that made my veins fat with pumping blood. It lead me to a condominium complex. The lobby was far too bright, but the bustling people even at this hour ensured I would not be taken notice of. 

    The large lobby was tiered in three levels, on the first was the concierge, and the fat little old Hispanic man was too busy with a crowd of youngsters to notice me. The second level was reception, people sat where they waited for their guests to come, or to meet tenants of the large building. The Third tier had a lounge of sorts with a small bar, and a few round tables lined with red velvet table clothes, very art deco. I liked it. I was drawn to it. I didn't have a choice, so I walked over to the table, and stared at the fifty-ish woman sitting there. She had her drink in her hand and sipped at it, it was a cosmopolitan, or some such stupidly disgusting feminine concoction. She was gorgeous, even now as she was...then.  A few more lines at the corners of her eyes, her breasts appeared to sag a little more, but it was her. Her golden hair flowed to the sides in strands that appeared to have been woven by ancient Greek gods.

"Barbara?" I asked her.

'Yes?" "Who are you?"

"Just a..a fan of your work." I knocked over her purse to the ground, feigning an accident. as she went to pick it up, I quickly dropped a small and quick dissolving yet powerful sedative into her drink. When she sat up again, I ordered a drink.
"I'm waiting for someone," she said, with that uptight attitude some woman have, when they act as if they aren't interested, or are too arrogant for their own good.

"So am I Barbara, so am I,"

"And whom might that be?"

"You." I said.

    At that moment she began to doze, which was my chance to get her out of there before my facade gave out. I took her by the arms and lead her out of the lounge, down the steps, out of the lobby. A man walked past us who seemed to recognize her, and muttered her name, but I stuffed her into my car quickly, put my mask back on, and drove away to where the infernal strings pulled me. Back to my house.