Chapter 1

And then there was one 

    James waited in his black 2004 suburban, with the engine off. It was dark and cold and his breath fogged the windows slightly; he wiped his hand across the front windshield to remove a patch of condensation. He held a small gun in his hand, a .44 special, fully loaded. He started thinking about Thom, and his wife Jane, and about The Man. The Man had taken away everything. In the dark night just outside his window he spotted movement by the side of the building. It was a large apparently abandoned industrial complex, and by the look of it's dilapidation, it had been so for quite some time.

    He zipped up his old gray jacket and put the gun in the front right pocket. He got out of the car, and quietly closed the door behind him. Snow crunched slightly under his feet as he inched his way over to one of the buildings walls. He'd been following The Man for a while now, after spotting him in public once. The Man was a destitute, filthy desperate man, willing and able to do what was needed to survive. James had become so cold inside, the past year, two funerals and enough pity to fill the hole where ground zero had been.

    James knelt down and poked his head around the corner of the building, the alley beside was narrow, and The Man had backed up his old Lincoln to it, a door was jarred open at the top of a short stair case, the only light was from the rear lights of the car, and a flashlight The Man was carrying. The Man Walked up to the back of the car and opened the trunk, he lifted out a large bag, and then lost balance and let it slip from his hands and to the ground, as it hit the ground, a tear opened up and revealed a partial view of a womans face, one of her eyes stared straight towards, through and past James. He knew she was dead, he also knew The Man had to be stopped.