This is the beginning of the end


David continued on his unknown journey, his body pulled him forwards, no matter how many times he asked himself where he was going; the answers about his destination weren’t forthcoming. He only knew that he'd be there when he got there. The streets seemed oddly quiet for the hour, usually a polymorphous blob of human bodies filled the streets, and many bumper to bumper cars filled the roads, but not today. He kept to the shadows as much as possible, he knew nothing of this new world, only bits of information that floated through his head like food for fish at the top of an aquarium, he’d have to swim inside his head to find the answers, if there were any to be found. He reached an intersection at the end of the alley, and an army surplus store to his right. The front door was slightly ajar, and no one appeared to be inside. He cautiously surveyed the surrounding area, and went inside. It appeared to be a large store, with at least three levels, one below and one above, a sign pointing up detailed that there was camping equipment; the level he was on had used army goods, fatigues, outdoor clothing, knives and guns. The level below had a staircase that ended at a door that read “Employees only.”


David walked around the store showroom, the floor was littered with items; shotgun shells, bullets, a few small knives, and an assortment of other goods strewn about, as if a hurricane had tossed the place. He walked around behind the register and behind the glass showcase. A gleaming polished and glossy wooden case caught his eye. He lifted the case, and was quite surprised by its hefty weight, what surprised him more, was that the case still lied here, intact, and not stolen, as it appeared many other items had been removed. He tried to open the case, but couldn’t. He looked up and around, and grabbed a large knife from behind him on a shelf, and wedged the blade into the crack of the locked opening until it cracked open. The two gleaming and shiny Mark XIX Desert Eagles inside begged to be picked up. Each gun held a nine round clip of .357 rounds, and in slots underneath the custom made box, were two more clips each of rounds. David grabbed the box and closed it, and held it under his arm, as he rushed through the store grabbing clothes, gear and more weapons.


The front door opened, and the old dirty vagrant walked in, he was mumbling incoherences and utterances of vulgarities. David heard him say 'wheres me shoes?' a few times. This was the same man he had taken the new shoes from.


“Where’s me shoes, you fucker?” he slurred, lazily, and drunkenly, as he swayed.

“You can take them back; I no longer have a use for them.” David held up the shoes and showed them to the vagrant, David’s feet now in hardcore combat boots.


The old vagrant began to tremble and foam at the mouth. His head began jittering from side to side, at an enormous speed, he sprayed saliva everywhere as his head titled from side to side. His arms began flailing, and he began knocking over displays and kicking the tables that held up clearance items. David looked on in astonishment as the vagrants head appeared to split into two heads. He stepped back, and drew one of his guns, unsure of what was happening in front of him. Was this happening to everyone here?


The old vagrant began screaming as he began to form a new creature from his own body, seemingly from out of nowhere. Slime dripped from his mouth, and his skull became convex, as whatever was inside him begging to be unleashed. A loud growl escaped from his head as it cracked away and revealed the head of a large kind of dogs head, and with but one movement, two clawed hands tore through the remainder of his body to reveal a gigantic glistening beast, his slime covered body glistened on top of it’s transparent skin, spiky tendrils of course looking hair spiked up on the top of it’s head and forearms. It’s yellow elliptical eyes spread wide open and stared directly through David Jacob.