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If you are looking for an experienced, reliable celebrant with charisma & personality and want to ensure the success of your wedding...Well, you have come to the right place!

Nitza is one of Australia's leading marriage celebrant, with a track record of hundreds of outstanding & exceptional marriage ceremonies since 1995

My challenge is to successfully create for you, your “Dream Ceremony”…

  • Meaningful & outstanding secular, non religious wedding ceremonies with your own very personal touch.
  • Unique interfaith weddings, enriched with: Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Asian customs, traditions & rituals that skillfully & beautifully combine and reflect the different cultures, traditions & religions with substance, decorum and style
  • Civil weddings, Jewish style, enriched with Jewish rituals, symbols & traditions, in Sydney and around Australia.
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 Why should you consider Nitza as your celebrant?

I am an authorized, professional & trained marriage celebrant.

My best recommendation is the thousands of people who attended my ceremonies since 1995. I can say with pride that there are no two ceremonies alike and each wedding has its own unique dynamics

My expertise: creating your unique ceremony and delivering it beautifully

My education, background & experience and being a professional journalist and a radio broadcaster at SBS since 1988 I am delighted to offer you

  • My extensive knowledge, experience & understanding, to advice you on every aspect of your ceremony
  • My strong writing skills, in order to create your unique ceremony
  • My public speaking ability, to ensure a beautiful and clear delivery of the ceremony

I will ensure the success of the most important event in your life, your wedding ceremony, with my sense of humor, friendly, caring & personal approach

Please take time to browse through my website, visit my links, I promise you lots of fun and information.

View the photos and take time to read the genuine unsolicited Testimonial &"Thank you" letters! 
Please visit my new updated website:

My ceremonies:

  • Traditional Australian ceremonies, secular, original and unique weddings that you and your family, will always treasure.
  • Spiritual ceremonies with Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Greek, Buddhist, Filipino rituals & symbols as well as The Candle, the Wine, the Rose, The Sand Ceremony etc.
  • Civil Jewish, interfaith weddings
  • Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows for your very special anniversary...
  • Commitment ceremonies for same sex couples.
  • Baby Naming & welcoming ceremonies 
  • Registry, Budget and elopement style ceremonies
  • All Legal requirements are covered, Including for overseas couples and Fiancé Visa for immigration.

Location: Anywhere in Australia

Please contact me today by phone or email to have a chat and for an obligation free meeting.
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 Weddings in Australia: Overseas couples please note:

Hello there! If you are visiting my website, I assume that it is your dream to be married in our beautiful city of Sydney.

I welcome your inquiry and assure you that I am able to assist you and help that dream come true.

What a wonderful way to get married, whilst on holiday here.

It is very easy to get married in our magnificent city, with so many incredible locations for your wedding ceremony, around Sydney Harbour, overlooking our famous Bridge and the iconic Opera House.

I am very experienced officiating weddings to overseas couples, from all over the world and I will be able to guide you through all the necessary steps.

I will make sure, that the marriage will be registered, in your country, as well as in Australia.

I am also able to assist you with everything you require for your wedding, without any additional cost, the venue, photographer, car, restaurant, hairdresser etc., and certainly with all the legal aspects.

Simply, email me and I will send all the information required, as soon as I hear from you.

For more information about all the legal steps, for overseas and interstate couples,please read:

"Overseas couples", on this website
Please visit my new updated website:

Immigration Finace Visa
If your are in Australia and your partner is overseas, I can help you as well, with what is required by immigration to bring your partner to Australia, fiance visa, etc.
For more information please read the special link on this website! 
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Nitza Lowenstein JP CMC MA MBA Macq. Civil Marriage Celebrant of Australia
Telephone: 02 9498 6209 or Mobile 0418 453 865
Please visit my new updated website:

How to choose a celebrant?

There are literally thousands of celebrants with magnificent websites that are offering you the best ceremony ever!

What should you do? Who is the right celebrant for you?

  • Read the information on the websites carefully.
  • Look at photos! They will tell you the full story!

Make sure that they are current photos of the celebrant with the couples!!!

  • Read carefully the Testimonials and “Thanks You” Letter and distinguish between the superficial standard “Thanks you” letters such as you were “fantastic”, “everyone liked it” and “’Not hesitate to recommend you” etc to more serious and meaningful testimonials.   
  • Remember that many celebrants give their couples evaluation forms to fill in and use it as testimonials. So what do you expect?

A word of warning:
Please refer to the Sunday Mail article published on 1st April, 2012 by David Murray: titled:  
Ceremonies are being ruined by shonky celebrants”

“Like a Rowan Atkinson skit, couples are being left fuming as bumbling celebrants spoil their special day”

Complaints obtained under Freedom of Information laws revealed celebrants also ran off with deposits, misspelled names on certificates or failed to lodge documents - in some cases rendering marriages invalid or leaving no trace of weddings at all… Some celebrants mumbled through ceremonies, mispronounced names, forgot to ask couples to say "I do'' or missed the wedding kiss”.

“The number of registered civil celebrants has more than tripled to about 10,300 in the past eight years and operators warn of a rise in shonks”.
"There are so many celebrants now that the average celebrant is
doing five weddings a year. They are not going to get the experience they need to improve,'' said Alliance of Celebrants Queensland president Caroline Jackson.
"It's important you feel comfortable with the celebrant, don't go on price alone.
"A lot of celebrants out there are doing it as a weekend hobby, they charge very little and basically you get what you pay for.''

How and Why My Couples Choose me?

Most of my couples come to me from “Word of mouth” and my outstanding reputation & experience, after 17 years of conducting hundreds of successful weddings.

The thousands of people that attended my ceremonies will testify that each and every ceremony I have conducted is personal, meaningful and has its own unique dynamics.

Please take time to browse through my website, visit my links, I promise you lots of fun and information.

View the photos and take time to read the genuine unsolicited Testimonial &"Thank you" letters in the special link dedicated! 

Testimonials Just an Example:

Please read Just a few recent letters and go to “Testimonials” Link to read the other “Thank You” letters. (the original letters are available)

Liza & Ben (Perth WA 2012)

Dear Nitza, Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the amazingly intimate, powerful and meaningful ceremony you performed for our marriage, a ceremony that really surpassed our hopes and expectations.

We truly felt that something very special had occurred and many people commentated on how much they enjoyed your style.

The ceremony was a perfect blend of all that was important to us and we feel truly blessed to have had your special touch.

You were worth every cent and you gave us the ceremony we never thought we could have.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a special wedding and for flying all the way here to Perth (and back) Warmest regards, Liza & Ben.


Sasha & Paul (2012)
Wow-Nitza you were wonderful! We are so lucky to have been blessed with you as a celebrant. You were perfect, amazing, a phenomenal celebrant.
Exactly the right atmosphere flavor, you created.
A beautiful ceremony and we don’t have the word to describe how grateful we are. Thank you. Many warm regards, Paul and Sasha xxx

Yael and Yves (2011)
“I often wondered how we would incorporate both cultures into our wedding ceremony.
Nitza, you have such a gifted way in combining different traditions and creating a warm and personal ceremony.
Our photos say it all...we were smiling while our friends were crying.
To think we could have married in the registry office…phew! How lucky we were to have you marry us. We loved the personal touch you included in our ceremony, inviting family and friends to speak, so lovely and memorable.
Thank you Nitza for making our day even more special! With love, Yael & Yves

Please visit my new updated website:


Please visit my new updated website: