Marquitos M. Maldonado

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Marquitos would party.
16-18 July 2015.

Cover of Paco's Tacos
Paco's Tacos

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Where the turf meets the surf, in old Del Mar, take a plane, take a train, take a car. Crime, danger, friendship, true love—how will it end? Gambling, friction, longboards, beauty and form, anatomy and finance, coffee and sunrise. This is the story of Harry, Persephone, Danny, John, Fiona, Rock, Jean-Marie, the band (Harry’s Cherries), the auto shop (Doug’s Bugs), the surf shop (Dave’s Waves), wave after galloping wave of drenched, gorgeous horses, fat stacks of money, long pours of tequila, and ideal sailboats on a flawless sea. Paco’s Tacos is what every oxygen-breathing man or woman lives for, the omphalos of the universe, in the North County of San Diego. But will it survive?

"Love Story with Frijoles"—Aristotle
"Dick Tracy with Hot Sauce"—Hitchcock
"Tequila Sunrise with Tequila"—Hemingway

Chapter 1 from Paco's Tacos.