Welcome to Marquette Catholic Schools 
Virtual Library home page
and locater for traditional books. 

         9-12th Grades    Go to Media Center

    For print books, we use a self check-out system.
    It is located on the red rolling cart.
    Click on "Media Center" for a complete list of books.
    Please respect others and return books
    in two weeks.  THANK YOU!
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    Look under "Media Center Books"
    to see what we have available in print.  Use "search".
    Is there a book you would like us to add to your collection?
    Give the Title and/or Author's name of the book to Mr. Bishop,
    Mrs. Schroeder, or Mrs. Petesch.
    The Media Center has special areas for religion,
    classic literature, fiction, nonfiction, and curriculum connection. 
    The Media Center will continue to be updated
    to better serve the needs of
     Marquette Catholic Schools, students, and teachers.

For digital resources: 
    User Name and Password
    are on small cards
    available in the Media Center.
    You can also ask Mr. Medinger,
    Mrs. Moore, or Mrs. Petesch. 

  • digital books
  • homework resources
  • parent and caregiver information
  • test taking skills
  • connections to the world