It was fateful luck in the spring of 2001 that led me to the creation of wooden marquetry pictures. I met marquetry artist László Vass who not only taught me technical tricks of marquetry making and provided me with materials, but also helped  my work with his most useful pieces of advice and critical remarks."

I have visited more than fifty countries in connection with my work or as a tourist. I have collected a lot of memories and adventures during these journeys. I would like to visually express these memories and adventures in my travel series.

Among natural materials, wood is very special for me. Rings, knots, special networks and patterns, developing during a tree's life, may gain new quality in the pictures and become stones, rivers and clouds. It is an integral part and joy of creation to find the best piece for the picture I imagined or when the piece itself offers a picture for me. I try to scope out and expand the opportunities of creating marquetry panel pictures through various schools of style.


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