Elgin Doller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In July 2018, BRAVO is introducing a fun, free, easy promotion designed to bring you more customers. It's called the Elgin Doller. Each month, we'll print one Elgin Doller in BRAVO magazine. Readers will clip it out and use it as a "$1 off" discount coupon at a participating business. If you choose to participate we'll give you free advertising and free in-store marketing materials.

What are the benefits to my business?

For every month you accept the Elgin Doller discount coupon, we'll print a free 2.5 x 3" ad in BRAVO
($39 value), showing your name/logo, address, phone number, website/email and terms of your offer.
We will also supply one 4x4" window cling for your door and one 3x3" magnet for your point of purchase ($5 value). We hope this will increase your exposure, and bring you new customers and more sales.

What are the costs to my business?

There is no cost, but by accepting the Elgin Doller as a discount coupon, you make $1 less profit on some transactions. If your point-of-sale system does not already have a simple way to make a $1 adjustment on a sale, you may need to make a programming change.

What are the risks to my business?

One unintended consequence is that your repeat customers might use the Elgin Doller for their regular purchases, instead of paying the full price. Also, customer relations problems could arise if the terms of your offer are not clear, or your staff are not aware of the Elgin Doller promotion.

How does this benefit BRAVO magazine?

We hope to raise interest and awareness of the magazine. We believe it’s fun, unique and enhances Elgin’s image and community spirit. We want to learn if people will circulate a coupon that looks like an interesting piece of currency. We also want to help businesses who rarely (or never) advertise with us, by showing good will and demonstrating the potential effectiveness of print ads.

What are the costs and risks for BRAVO?

We are giving the ad space to participating businesses at our own cost (but a high participation rate makes us all look good!) We might get in trouble for printing “fake money,” and if confused readers think they can spend Elgin Dollers in large quantities like real dollars, they might hoard the magazine. We consider these very unlikely.

What exactly are the rules for the promotion?

You can set your own rules on Elgin Dollers. We suggest this “standard offer”: Elgin Doller is good for $1 off a minimum purchase of $5 or more. Limit one per customer, per day. If you have higher priced items and want to accept multiple Dollers, you are free to do that. Any Elgin Dollers you collect retain their value, and can be used by you on purchases from other participating merchants. We will put at least 4,000 Dollers into circulation every month.

How long does this promotion last?

We are prepared to continue printing the Elgin Doller until June 2019. However, if there are any problems, or if participation is low, we may end it at any time. You are free to continue accepting Elgin Dollers until they disappear from circulation. If you choose to stop participating, please notify us; we don’t want to continue your Elgin Doller ad and disappoint customers who expect you to honor it.

How do I start?

You can start anytime — just notify us by email, US mail, phone or text and tell us your Elgin Doller offer. (Keep it simple.) We will drop off your window cling, magnet, and a design proof of your free ad. If you wish to be included in the July edition, contact us ASAP ... no later than June 22nd.

Can I use my free ad for other things? Can I change the ad every month? Can you print my menu, my hours of business, or a photo of my store showroom? Can I have four window clings and five magnets?

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate special requests like these. We’ll print an ad with your logo, location, contact information and your Elgin Doller offer, matching your colors and brand image as closely as possible, and repeat that for the duration of the promotion. Thanks for understanding!