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Newsletters for the Maroota Sands Heritage Project appeared in "Living Heritage", a monthly magazine published by Eastbend Rural Communications at Maroota, between February 2006 and December 2007. They have also been emailed to a list of interested individuals and organizations. At the end of 2007 it was decided that in future the website would become the primary source for news about the project and data on the Sands. 

The Newsletters covered many topics, including geological research, Aboriginal archaeology, European colonial history, biodiversity and sandmining.

Copies of these Newsletters are listed below and can be viewed by clicking the link title.

february06.htm  Introduction to the Maroota Sands and geological heritage. 

march06.htm  Suggestion to form a group. 

april06.htm  Report on collection of geological samples and data. Eastbend meeting attended and group meeting forshadowed. 

may06.htm  Meeting date finalised. Explanation of project as unfunded and voluntary. Fossil wood sent to Queensland for dating. 

july06.htm Examination of old research data. Call for suggestions. 

august06.htm   Information re Aboriginal heritage in the area and available stone and other resources.

september06.htm  Grant application knocked back. Basalt dated to 45mya. More about Aboriginal heritage. 

october06.htm No newsletter due to local fires and wind storms. 

november06.htm Early colonial history. 

december06.htm 19th century soldier settlers.

january07.htm  Gold fever. 

february07.htm  General progress of the project. Meeting announced.

march07.htm Edible plants and biodiversity.

april07.htm Report on February meeting. Composition and commercial uses of the Sands.

may07.htm NSW Environmental Education grant application details.

july07.htm Aust versus China's environmental constraints. Still waiting to hear about grant application. Bad luck with fossil wood research.

august07.htm All about petrified / silicified / fossilised wood.

september07.htm Grant application unsuccessful. Sand, gravel and clay samples donated. Website launched!

october07.htm Silcrete details. Website update.

november07.htm More about silcrete and the website.

december07.htm Meetings. Problems with sandminers. Final Newsletter