Take your health into your own hands and stay healthy 

★ Maintain your family's health data

★ Create your own health diary

★ Create and manage your family's checkup plans

★ Get reminded to due checkup appointments

★ Recommend your checkup plans to friends or the community.

★ Include your favorite pets in the checkup plans.


The iPhone app medAssist is your personal health assistant. If your physician asks you for the date of your last X-Ray or surgery or if there are any known family diseases or whether you're allergic to some medical ingredients, you have everything at hand with medAssist.
Regular checkups can save lives. With medAssist you can create your individual checkup plan for the whole family including your loved pets. You can even exchange your checkup plans with friends or the community via internet.
Boredom in the waiting room? Use the time to keep your health diary up to date. You might require it earlier than you may think of.

Supported Languages:
English, German, French, Italian

References Store Medical Information Easily – and Save Lives – With MedAssist
Store Medical Information Easily – and Save Lives – With MedAssist

A lifetime of medical history in one conveniently accessible app.

medAssist is one of few apps that could genuinely save lives. ... that’s a small price to pay.

The german developer team marogo launches its iOS app medAssist worldwide. customizing of their app to manage individually the health data and checkups. Once entered, a checkup definition can be sent via mail to a friend or to a community website. ...
  Individual health management and checkup reminders assist users in their health management. Health data and checkups can be maintained for the whole family.
Imported checkup definitions can be adapted to the user’s need. The
app is available in german, english and french. Other languages are planned.
Med Assist: Great App For Looking After Your Health
With this app you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are going to remember the answer to the questions on the medical forms. Once you enter it all into the app, all you have to do is just update when you go to the doctor. App also allows you to have your doctors and family member information handy giving you everything you need for your visit to the doctor. Help yourself by being prepared for accidents. Load all your information into this app, then put a note in your wallet “info on iPhone”.

  In diesem Zusammenhang sei auch noch auf eine neue, vielversprechende iPhone-App namens medAssist verwiesen. medAssist* (iPhone/iPod touch) will ein persönlicher Gesundheitsassistent sein. Die App verwaltet dafür einerseits sämtliche wichtigen Daten wie Allergien, Blutgruppe, Familienkrankheiten und Ärzte und erinnert gleichzeitig an wichtige Termine, wie die regelmäßig fälligen Vorsorgeuntersuchungen. Auch eine Art Gesundheitstagebuch lässt sich mit der Anwendung anlegen. Dies kann sich als praktisch erweisen, falls der Arzt beispielsweise das Datum der letzten Röntgenuntersuchung wissen möchte. Auch schlecht vertragene Medikamente könnte man mit der App speichern.

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All information is based on free sources. The app cannot substitute or question your doctors treatment. It tries to support your personal health management.
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