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Aaron and I got engaged on Jan 20th, 2007. The day started out pretty early because I had to go and drop off my car at the mechanic and I knew I was in for a big hit in the pocketbook. My mom met me at the mechanic and we went out for the day. I knew Aaron would be at work until 5:30 so I wasn't in any rush. When the car was finally done I got home and walked in the door to a big surprise. On the stairs leading up to the apt. were two balloons.

Attached was an index card with the first few lines of our song "I Wanna Grow Old WIth You" by Adam Sandler.


A little further up the stairs were another set of balloons with another card, and then another , and another.

At the top of the stairs in our living room stood Aaron all dressed up and definitely not looking like he just came from work. He was standing next to our table, on which   spelled out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" in Hershey's Kisses.         

    He got down on one knee and pulled out 'the box' and asked me those fateful words. Of course I said "Yes!".

Of course later I found out that my mother was in on the whole thing. He told me later that he had been out of work since 11 AM that morning and had just been waiting for me to get home. I couldn't have asked for anything better or more romantic. It was a perfect proposal and perfect for us.