Marmion Design

Industrial Designer (MA) | Ecological Sustainable Design | Digital Reverse Engineering

Preview some online work derived from Brad's collaborative work at RMIT, sessional classes ran at Universities, a few images of his designs or websites with his work below:

Constant flight hydrofoil design and fabrication for F16 open class catamaran. foils in as little as six knots and sails at double the speed of the wind.

Award wining Racing wheelchair design

Design award publication for racing wheelchair design & Athlete Lachlan Jones Competing in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics

Project initiation and leading a team of researchers in a comprehensive 3d scan and reverse engineering/ analysis of Gaudi's design principles at the Temple Sagrada Famila, Barcelona

Plastic injection molding and 3d CAD renders for Infowand product design

Point of sale display stands utilizing laser cut sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining.

PCB heat sink layout
PCB Heat sink design

Selection of Industrial fan free PCB heat sinks for ROC Technologies

Leather and handbag 3d modelling, renders and animation for Memewewe designs

Esoteric Jewellery Design

Sample of jewellery range

sun path study

Sun path studies and zone analysis for Eco Design / Permaculture consultation

Kitchen garden design for St Anne's Primary School, Seaford

Natural Timber Playstand Australian Made
Toy Kitchen natural wooden australian made

Children's toy range previously available online and in selected natural toy shops

Timber door & window design and fabrication for the 'Wicked Little Elf and the Bowerbird' range of felt toys.

Plywood Laser cut sign

'Flow' furniture design for Kouta furniture

'Flow' furniture design for Kouta furniture

flower of life star tetrahedron

Portable 'merkaba' meditation sculpture sold through Wholistic Health Sciences; shown exhibited at Federation Square

open 16ft catamaran design
sabre yacht building

16ft open class catermaran Hull Design 13ft Sabre yacht construction from

early boat building days

trophy design

custom trophy design for competitive yachting

custom timber casing design

Kinesiology product organizing case custom manufactured in lots of 20-30

3m copper meditation pyramid
2m meditation pyramid

Meditation copper pyramid range sold through Wholistic Health Sciences

Harmonic wind chimes
Druidic 'Jedi' style cloak design

Copper and silver harmonic chimes Druid style cloak textile design

Copper Platonic Solids homeopathic energisers

Copper platonic solids for energetic impregnation of artefacts - product design and development for an automated tour guide - Part of a design of natural children's toys