April 5-7, 2013


s is the official website for the commemoration of John S. Marmaduke's second raid into Missouri from April 19 to May 2, 1863.  The event site is 15 miles from the original site of Ft. Benton (or Ft. Patterson as some primary sources call it) as well as the original roads used by both armies during the raid.

     Marmaduke's Raid, created under the auspices of The Star of the West Society and the Cottonmouth Videttes, will be using this event as a means to raise funds and help with the preservation of Ft. Benton in Patterson, Missouri.
     Marmaduke's Raid is an authentic, campaigning, immersive type event.  Participants will only be able to use what they carry in. The event takes place in the highest and roughest terrain in the Missouri Ozarks.  Conditions will be rough and austere. Four years ago participants complained about the rocks and the hills. Water will either come out of a well, the Black River, or Goose Creek making iodine or chlorine tablets necessary.   Participation will require prior training and exercise on your part. While we welcome all who are willing to meet the guidelines, this event may not be for you. If you have health issues please reconsider your participation.