About my research

"Knowledge is power" (Francis Bacon) 

Memories shape our lives more than we can ever imagine. They make us who we are. This is why the memory system in our brains is so fascinating to me.

My research is strongly influenced by my honest belief that understanding more about how memories get stored in our brains can help us to better remember information that is important to us. 

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the VU University Amsterdam's department of Educational Neuroscience. My research aims to help students to learn well, people to remember what is valuable to them, and elderly to keep their precious memories for as long as possible!


December 19th 2018: We published a paper in Frontline Learning Research: "Neuroimaging of learning and development: improving ecological validity"

December 4th 2018: We published a paper in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: "Learned Spatial Schemas and Prospective Hippocampal Activity Support Navigation After One-Shot Learning"

August 23rd 2018: I was interviewed by Roelof Hemmen at BNR newsradio about my latest research. The interview was in Dutch and can be found here.

June 25th 2018: Our new paper Integrating educational knowledge: reactivation of prior knowledge during educational learning enhances memory integration is now available online (Open Access) at Nature Science of Learning!

June 4th- June 22nd 2018: In June, I attended both Earli SIG 22 in London and LA School 2018 in Chile. Both these meetings focused on linking Neuroscience and Education, and it was a great experience to share my new data with all these amazing people!