About my research

"Knowledge is power" (Francis Bacon) 

Memories shape our lives more than we can ever imagine. They make us who we are. This is why the memory system in our brains is so fascinating to me.

My research is strongly influenced by my honest belief that understanding more about how memories get stored in our brains can help us to better remember information that is important to us. 

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the VU University Amsterdam's department of Educational Neuroscience. My research aims to help students to learn well, people to remember what is valuable to them, and elderly to keep their precious memories for as long as possible!

March 10th 2017: We won the Memrise Prize, a competition to create the best way to learn words. We were featured in several media, including the Guardian!

May 24th 2016: Our article in Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience is now available online: Interactions between memory and new learning: Insights from fMRI multivoxel pattern analysis

January 22nd 2016: I am very happy to have been awarded a Marie Curie fellowship (European) to continue my research work at VU University Amsterdam!
My article for the Guardian is now online: What you already know is the key to learning new things!