Contact Information:

Email: marlene 'dot' isore 'at' helsinki 'dot' fi

Office location:
(3rd floor)

Arkadiankatu 7, Helsinki

Postal address: 
P.O. Box 17
FI-00014 U. of Helsinki

Marlène Isoré, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics

HECER, University of Helsinki

& Consultant (part-time)

Bank of Finland (Research Unit)

Welcome to my webpage

am an AP at University of Helsinki (HECER) since September 2013 and a Consultant (part-time) at Bank of Finland's Research Unit (Monetary Policy and Research Department) since February 2016. 

I hold a PhD in Economics from Sciences Po Paris (2012) and was 'Robert M. Solow postdoctoral fellow' at MIT Economics in 2012-13.

I am moving to University Paris-Saclay (EPEE - Evry) in September 2018!                                               

Main research interests: 

  • Macroeconomic Theory
  • Financial economics, Banking Theory
  • International Macroeconomics
  • Search and Matching Theory